A Key To The Secrets And Mysteries Of The Occult Sciences And Witchcraft. The Theory And Practice Of Magic, Alchemy, Necromancy, Astrooogy, Cartomancy, &C.

By Merlin Secundus

(The Greatest Living Alchemist.)

The most complete work of the kind ever issued, handsomely

Illustrated, 160 pages.

Price, 30 Cents.

----------------»»---------------This Extraordinary Book, the most remarkable issued from the press during the past few years, gives a clear exposition of the arts and tricks of

Magic And Witchcraft, so that any reader can learn to be as great a magician as those of the older days and to perform all the miracles of the ancient sorcerers, as well as to learn the

Science of Fortune Telling in fifty different ways.

This book tells you, how

To bewitch your enemies. To fascinate female, or male, friends. To render oneself invisible.

To make dresses proof against burning. To soften glass. To solder cold iron. To engrave upon metals. To make amulets, and love charms. Charms for health, wealth and happiness. To make gold out of lead.

To converse with the spirits. To summon the spirits and rule them.

It tells all about Count Cagliostro and explains

How ghosts are raised. How shades are made to appear. How to attain old age. How to preserve beauty. How to grow young again. How to carry on magical ceremonies. How to call the dead from their graves. It makes known the secrets of Rose Croix. It explains how apparations are produced. How the demons can be made to do man's work. How the world was made. How ghosts are produced on the stage.

It exposes the secrets of Spiritualism and tells

How tables are made to turn. How to become a medium. How to materialize spirits. How the Davenport Brothers do their feats. It tells how to magnetize a subject. How to make a woman do your will. The mysteries of Second Sight. How to see concealed objects. How to read the mind of another. All about animal magnetism. How to read sealed-letters. How to see at long distances.

It teaches the arts of Astrology and Fortune-telling by the , stars. How to know omens for good or bad. To know the destiny of a new-born child. To create talismans and charms. To learn the influence of the stars. How to cast horoscopes. Influence of the Twelve signs of the Zodiac. Cartomancy or Fortune-telling by cards. Alphabet of destiny. Prophetic valu3 of cards. The Italian method of Fortune-telling. French mathod of Fortune-telling. Combination of cards. How to answcsr a question. Will my thoughts come true ? Am I loved ? Waom shall I marry ? Is (he or she) faithful to me ? Fortune-tailing by Tea-cup tossing. Easy way of reading the future, Fortune-telling by Coffee or Tea grounds, explained. Fortune-telling by dreams. Cause of dreams. How many kinds of dreams there are. Lucky and unlucky days of the month. Explanation of soma dreams. How to find lucky numbers for lottery. How to have good dreams and great success. Magic Wand and its wonders explained. How to discover hidden treasure. How to find water. How to detect gold or silver ore. Fortune-telling by the hand. Prophetic signs on the hand. How to read them after the Gipsey manner. Napolean's fortune told by the hand. Josephine's brilliant destiny explained.

Physognomy, or art of face reading. How planets govern the body. To know a man's character by his forehead, eyes, mouth, no3e, lips, chin, ears and voice. Signs of destiny at birth. Phrenology made easy. How to tell a man's character. Every known kind of Fortune-telling explained.

How to know the future by dice, keys, sand, stones, birds, n^ils, water, leaves and rings. Shall I be imprisoned? Shall I be lucky on this day? etc, etc.

$m* No Dream, Fortune-Telling, or Magical Book, half so complete, has ever been printed. Buy it, read it, and be happy, wealthy and wise, as it makes known in a hundred ways, the past, present and future-all a man or woman wants to know.

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