This fish is seldom sought after by amateur anglers, for the reason that he does not frequent bays or inlets, but is found only in the broad ocean. He is nevertheless a game fish, and his capture affords a great deal of sport. The professional fishermen describe the mackerel as the handsomest fish that swims, and the most active on the hook. The season to fish mackerel commences about the first of May. A fishing smack, which can cruise with safety "out at sea," must be procured, and an experienced fisherman who knows the haunts of mackerel, should be engaged. The hook used is called the mackerel hook. It is about the size of No. 0 Limerick salmon, but shaped a little different. The necessary bait is only a piece of red flannel, or red cloth. They can also be taken by trolling, with a tin squid, or jig. This is an oblong piece of bright block tin, with a hook fastened on the end of it, and a swivel on the end of your line. The tin skitters along on the surface, and, being mistaken by the mackerel for a shiner, he darts at it and is instantly hooked. The sport is excellent, as the fish bites so readily and so fiercely.