As Dr. James E. West has stated on many occasions "Scouting is camping." Lord Baden-Powell's letters and Christmas cards are usually signed with the wish "Good Camping." Studies made of town boys' interests place camping in the front row, while studies of rural boys show a lower percentage. This may be due to a lack of as frequent opportunity to "know" camping.

The modern conception of the Scout camp and its training values-is that the Troop, Tribe or Neighborhood Patrol, Lone Scout and "Friend and Counselor" -be encouraged, trained, aided to camp as a group, under their own leadership, probably at a Council site and using many Council facilities.

Duties Of Committee On Camping And Activities

While many of the duties here set forth center in the Area Council Committee on Camping and Activities, the following By-Law from the Standard Local Council Constitution and By-Laws will point the District Committee to the whole "picture."

Clause 4. Committee On Camping And Activities

1. This Committee shall, a. Establish such local policies with reference to camping and hikes, outdoor activities, special events and civic service as may be necessary.

b. Prepare an annual balanced program of camping, special events and civic service, and with the cooperation of the District Committees on Camping and Activities, see that this program is effectively promoted and carried out through Troops* by the stimulation of their interest and participation.

2. It shall cooperate with the Scout Executive in maintaining national Standards with reference to camping and in providing facilities whereby Scouts may engage in camping in accordance with established Scouting methods.

3. It shall recommend the issuing of permits for council, Troop*, Patrol or other camps coming under the jurisdiction of this Council upon endorsement of the Scout Executive certifying that these camps meet the minimum standards of the National Council. All such permits shall be reported to the Executive Board at its next regular meeting. This committee shall be responsible for the visitation of all camps for which it has issued permits.

4. It shall review the plans and arrangements of all extensive tours by Scouts of this Council outside of the Council, except to its regular established Camping site, and no such tour shall be undertaken unless approved in advance by this committee subject to the issuance of a permit by the National Council.

5. It shall cooperate in the selection and purchase, care and maintenance of camping equipment and camp sites for Scouting purposes, as well as Sea Scout equipment, and maintenance of camping equipment and camp sites on camps not under the jurisdiction of this Council which Scouts from this Council are invited to attend.

6. This Committee shall prepare and recommend an annual budget for camps, camping activities, and activities such as the Scout Circus, the Camporee, and Civic Service, all subject to review by the Finance Committee and approval by the Executive Board, as a part of the Local Council budget.

* Troops, Tribes, Neighborhood Patrols.

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7. This Committee shall be responsible for the development and promotion of an annual balanced program of special Events, such as Circuses, Merit Badge Shows, Anniversary Week celebration and Campbrees, which will contribute to the effectiveness of the program of Scouting in the development of character and training for citizenship of its boy members and for securing participation by Troops* in such programs. When desirable this Committee may create temporary committees for the promotion of major activities such as Merit Badge Shows, Circuses or Camporees.

8. This Committee shall maintain an annual survey of Civic Service opportunities for Scouts in the Council territory, from which it will be responsible for the development of an annual balanced program of Civic Service for Troops* and its publication and distribution to the Troops* of the territory. It shall promote the participation of Scouts in such community and national service as the Executive Board may approve and stimulate plans for the actual fulfillment of the Scout Oath and the Daily Good Turn. This Committee shall provide the opportunity for Cubs to engage in service activities on a neighborhood basis consistent with the National Policies and the Program of Cubbing. This Committee shall receive all requests for Civic Service and with the Scout Executive shall pass thereon, subject to the approval of the Executive Board. This Committee shall regulate all service according to the By-Laws of the National Council, Article XVI, safeguarding so far as possible the time which Scouts should reserve for school and home duties, and so planning as to make their service of the greatest possible effectiveness and value in citizenship training to the boy.