While ordinarily we think of the many Merit Badges in rural and farm subjects as being particularly aimed at farm or rural boys because related to the vocation of farming in which the rural boy lives-this, of course, is true, but these same farm Merit Badge subjects are of great educational value to city boys who have not had many practical contacts with these farm subjects. They open gates into great fields of natural boy interest with farm animals, poultry and growing things. So a double purpose is thus served by them.

The National Director of Rural Scouting has pointed out that even great metropolitan centers like Chicago have over 100,000 people employed in phases of agriculture which necessitate knowledge of farm matters. The stock yards employ many thousands of people in related lines where agricultural knowledge, training and experience are involved. Also there are plants like the farm implement companies whose employees' lives are geared directly toward agricultural needs and conditions. Kansas City (Mo.), Kansas City (Kansas), Omaha, Portland (Ore.), St. Paul, Atlanta, Birmingham, Baltimore, Jersey City, Boston, Buffalo, Lancaster (Pa.) and St. Louis, Mo., and other large centers.

Farm implement distributers, fertilizer plants, feed mixing plants, commission merchants, butter and eggs, cheese, milk, garden stuff, fruit businesses-these also tie directly to the farm.

So Scouting brings to the urban and farm boys alike, special knowledge and practice in farm skills-and through its program of exploration encourages each to investigate both rural and urban outlooks, in order to find out where he may fit most usefully and happily into life's work.

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