Many boys want to make things with tools and materials. Crafts are even more important and essential to farm boys, because of the daily craft demands upon them on the farm.

1. In the day's work the farm boy encounters: rope, wood, wire, tin, leather, iron and other metals, screws, bolts and nuts, hinges, locks, gates, machines, cement, plumbing, repairs of halters, harness, saddle or bridle.

2. Crafts for farm boys should be practical as well as interesting. There should be a use for these crafts about the farm and home.

3. If crafts can be seen as creative recreation, they become fun. Tom Sawyer made a good game out of the job of whitewashing the fence! The young craftsman who gets to be "good" with tools, enjoys them and "pulls the stingers out of toil"-shortens the hours of the day and helps make country life happier and safer.

Crafts afford the rural boy an excellent opportunity to get leadership experience through training others. He may be called upon to aid in regular training courses, if he is expert enough.

Rural Crafts At Public Events

In the Merit Badge Exposition of the district or of the council there is an excellent chance to use the rural crafts to acquaint the people of the district with what Scouts do in a practical way. Almost any of the farm and rural interests as shown by the Merit Badge subjects can be made the basis of an exhibit and a demonstration booth, or even for the arena demonstration at Scout circuses, fairs, town street shows, window shows-all these afford such chances. Therefore it may prove helpful to suggest here some of the techniques of such demonstrations.