Get permission (in writing) from town authorities for using certain space and areas for a certain period. Then put on various demonstrations, exhibits, stunts, program activities suited to outdoor and show window presentations. An adult committee should assist in supervising the arrangements and cooperate with the Scouts of the Patrols, Tribes and Troops.

The Scout "street show" operates so any money spent is kept at home. It strengthens home, church, school and the constructive forces of the community. It develops Scout pride and attracts a different class of folks to the town.


Most of the luncheon clubs, Chambers of Commerce, Boards of Trade or business organizations will be glad to appoint a committee to cooperate with the Scout officials of a county, in putting on such a show. It ought to be held some time in the early Fall of the year, from August 1st to December 1st.

Bear in mind that a Boy Scout Street Show is a combination of a Merit Badge Show or Exposition, a Scout Circus, a Camporee, a Saturday store window display of Scouting, and may include circus parades, public speaking, public demonstrations, moving pictures in the theatres-in fact, it is a program of events and activities and illustrations of everything that may be created and shown to depict Scouting to the public during the period of the street show. Don't try to make it just a Merit Badge Exposition. Don't try just to put on an evening circus, as that would deprive the public of the educational values of the other phases of the program. Make this show a composite picture of the entire story of Scouting in all of its ramifications of interest and activity.