The following exhibits are suggestive of some of many possibilities:

1. RURAL SCOUTING EXHIBIT to include charts, showing the different forms of Rural Scouting-Rural Troops, Neighborhood Patrols, Lone Scouts and Lone Scout Tribes-with similar reference to Cubbing and Senior Scouting. Charts may be made including uniforms, badges, samples of craft work and other work done, Scout literature, charts and pictures illustrating Scout requirements, including rural first-aid.

2. OUTDOOR SHELTERS AND COOKERY can be demonstrated; the cookery is better out of doors. The shelters and tents can be shown indoors, full size or with models. Tent making can be shown in the actual processes of production.

3. EACH RURAL MERIT BADGE may be the basis of a demonstration as well as booth exhibit-soils, animal husbandry, poultry, rural home, farm layout, and so on throughout the whole list of forty subjects. This makes it easy to have several such booths by assigning one to each Troop, Patrol, or Tribe.


In addition to the exhibits and demonstrations at fairs, it is Scoutlike to offer some service to the management and the people on the grounds.

a. Conduct a first-aid station.

b. Run an information booth.

c. Plan a lost and found bureau, for persons, live stock and property.

d. Give guide service over grounds and through buildings-help in ushering, parking service-these, however, need safeguarding so that no one shift of boys is overburdened.

Scouting Band

Also the meals must be planned for and arranged for in advance so that the health and food needs of boys are fairly considered. These services involve training in and for the duties to be performed.


In the exhibit booths and in connection with demonstrations, Scouts will meet rural boys who are not Scouts and who are really interested. Their names should be taken for later follow-up, in addition to giving them first hand information while there as to how they may become Scouts.


Scout songs and yells have their place as have games. Horseshoe pitching, duck on the rock, barnyard quoits, drop the handkerchief, tag, rope games, rope spinning, sack races, three-legged races and various relays are of interest. Actual milking contests, horse mounting or harnessing contest, rope tying, greased pig, wheelbarrow race, potato race, barrel race, also hog calling, cow calling, dog calling and sheep calling contests. Harmonica, mouth harp, accordion, and other musical novelties make the basis of some fine entertainment for the pubic, as well as training for boys. Improved and home-made instruments such as musical saws, cocoanut banjo, cigar box fiddle, cornstalk fiddle, willow or maple whistles or flutes, tin pan drum effects, home made marimbas, juiceharp, and instruments made from copper tubes, and kitchen utensils.

Performing Arts

Special Demonstrations

Scouts splicing a big hay rope or tow rope; repairing a broken wagon tongue; splinting an animal's broken leg; demonstrations of various types of farm machinery, their repair and operation; make rope halters and demonstrate proper leading and handling of various farm animals; build a farm layout model; conduct pet demonstrations and pet shows; judge horses, beef cattle, etc.; demonstrate soil erosion control, how to make devices; show through glass containers depths of soil for planting of various seeds; demonstrate feed mixtures for chicks, cows, horses; feed changes needed from chicks to laying hens; testing milk for butter fat; bacteria count of milk; testing water for bacteria count; seed vitality tests; show proper sanitary precautions from milking to butter or cheese; arrange demonstration on fly elimination (see Chapter XX (The District Health And Safety Committee)).


Dramatization and Pageant Suggestions

Raising a runt pig.

Raising an orphan lamb.

First aid to various animals.

A home evening on farm (two kinds by contrast).

The farm boy and the "old swimming hole."

A rural boy goes fishing.

A farm Scout-a farm non-Scout.

The one-room school-and a Scout. Tree planting and beautification.

Clean up, fix up, paint up and repair. A county fair-a circus. A pageant of the crops. Cyclone, flood, fire and first aid.

Pageant of early patriotic events.

Pageants of farm Merit Badges. Scouting around the world. Pantomimes.