The cellar which is partitioned off into small rooms is more easily cared for and kept in order than that which consists of just the one large space. Rough pine-board partitions cost very little, and one to shut off the furnace (provided there be one) from the rest of the room is absolutely necessary, since the heat which it generates must not be allowed to spread and so spoil the cellar for coldstorage purposes, for warm, damp air hastens the degeneration of vegetables and meats. Unles some other provision is made in the cellar plan for the coal, a strong bin, with one section movable should be built for it in the furnace room. To the posts of this bin hang the shovels - one large and one small - used in handling the coal. The prema ture burial of many a shovel might have been pre vented had its owner only bethought him of thos simple expedients, hammer and nails. A strip o leather nailed to another post supports ax o hatchet, while near by is the neat pile of kindlin: which its sharp edge has made - perhaps out o old and useless boxes and barrels. These must not be allowed to accumulate, but be chopped up a once. Logs and large sticks have each their ow pile, while chips, sawdust, and shavings take u their abode in a large basket or box. The ashe from the furnace go into boxes and barrels outsid of the house.