One who owns his home can adopt preventiv measures, such as outside area ways or air spaces impossible to the renter; but certain ounces of pre vention are available to all. For instance: if drai: pipes run through the cellar, have them examine often for leaks; if there is an open drain, wash i out frequently with copperas and water, and giv it an occasional flushing with chloride of lime o lye in strong solution to destroy any possible odo arising from it; and see that the roof drains d not empty too near the house, thus dampening th cellar walls. Whitewash the walls semiannually not only for sanitary reasons but to lighten th

"darkness visible," and above all else - have sufficient ventilationl A perfect circulation of air is insured when there are opposite windows; but whatever their location, all windows should hang from the top on hinges, or be so put in that they can be easily removed from the inside; for open they must be, and that all the year round, except in the coldest winter weather, and even then they can be opened during the warmer hours of the middle of the day without danger of freezing the contents of the cellar. The cellar can be protected from invasion from without by galvanized iron netting, and wire screens will exclude the flies. Both screens must, however, be so adjusted that they will not interfere with the opening and closing of the windows.