A date is not strictly necessary for the validity of a deed,187 and, when used, may be placed in any part of the instrument. A deed takes effect from the time of delivery, and prima facie the date given in the instrument is the date of delivery,188 though this presumption may be rebutted.189 Filling Blanks.

When blanks are left in the deed, the deed is of no effect, unless it can be operative without the omitted words; and if the blanks are filled after delivery the deed is void.190 There is an exception to this, however, in the case where the blanks which are filled are only such as would be implied by law.191 Some cases hold that the grantee's name which has been omitted may be inserted according to the intention of the parties.192 So, also, a deed may be delivered accompanied by a parol power to fill blanks,193 though the contrary is held by some courts.194