206. Estates are divided according to the number of owners who are entitled to possession at the same time into,(a) Estates in severalty, and

(b) Joint estates.

Joint Estates

207. Joint estates are those which are owned by two or more persons. The joint estates at common law are,(a) Joint tenancies (p. 333).

(b) Tenancies in common (p. 335).

(c) Estates in co-parcenary (p. 336).

(d) Estates in entirety (p. 337).

(e) Estates in partnership (p. 339).

The interests so far considered have been those in which the right to possession is in one person at a time. Such interests are called estates in severalty. But these same estates, as to quantity, quality, time of enjoyment, etc., may be held by two or more persons in an undivided ownership, and when so held they are called joint estates.

§ 208)