94. A letting of lodgings, where the owner of the house retains possession and control, creates only a contract relation.

The hiring of furnished apartments creates a tenancy from year to year; that is, the holding is from week to week, or from month to month, according to the periods at which rent is payable, when the terms of the demise are indefinite.213 The relation of landlord and tenant does not arise, however, when there is merely a letting of lodgings.214 The test of such a holding is the retention by the owner of full possession and control of the house. In such cases there is only a contract relation.215 The letting of "French flats" does not come within this rule, however; for they are separate dwellings, and the hirer is a lessee, even though there is but a single outer door to the building.216 Seasonable notice is all that is necessary to terminate the holding of a lodger.217

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