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Same - accounting By The Mortgagee

119. A mortgagee, or his assignee, in possession, must account to the mortgagor.

120. Debits-he is liable for the rents and profits of the land, and for damages caused by waste (p. 200).

Trustee under a deed of trust has an insurable interest. Dick v. Insurance Co., 81 Mo. 103.

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121. Credits-he is to be credited with amounts paid for repairs and reasonable improvements, the expense of collecting the rents, taxes paid, and sums expended in removing incumbrances and in protecting the property (p. 201).

122. Annual Rests-in computing the account, rests are made whenever, at the end of an interest period, the net debits exceed the interest due (p. 202).

When the mortgagee is in possession, he must account for the rents and profits received, and apply them to the reduction of the mortgage debt.150 The remedy of accounting can be had only in equity.151 The mortgagor is not entitled to an accounting unless he redeems the mortgage, or on foreclosure.152 A junior mortgagee who redeems a prior mortgage is entitled to an accounting from the prior mortgagee, if he has been in possession.153 An assignee of the mortgagee, who takes possession, must account,154 and an accounting can be compelled by the assignee of the mortgagor.155