Lighting and Ventilation of Interior Dark Rooms

No room in a now existing tenement house may be occupied for living purposes unless it has a window upon the street or upon a yard not less than four feet deep, or upon a court or shaft not less than twenty-five square feet in area, open to the sky without roof or skylight, or unless it has a sash window opening into an adjoining room in the same apartment, the sash window between it and the outer room to contain fifteen square feet of glazed surface and to be at least 3 feet by 5 feet, and one-half made to open readily.

Privy Vaults, School Sinks, etc. - All school sinks and privy vaults in the yards of now existing tenement houses must be completely removed and the places where they were located be thoroughly disinfected under direction of the Tenement House Department, and instead of school sinks or privy vaults proper water closets must be provided. There must be one water closet for every two families or apartments in the house. Such water closets may be located on each floor in the building or otherwise in the building, or, if desired, may be placed in the yard, provided the bowls, traps, pipes, and flush tanks can be properly protected from frost. If placed in the yard, long hopper closets may be used, but such closets must be provided with individual traps and properly connected flush tanks.

Water Closets And Public Sinks

In all tenement houses the woodwork enclosing water closets and all public sinks located in the public halls or stairs must be removed from the front of the closet or sink and the space underneath left open and maintained in good order and kept well painted with white paint.

Lighting Of Public Halls

In every now existing tenement house four stories high or over, wherever the public hall on any floor is not light enough for a person to read without artificial light in the daytime, the wooden panels in the doors located at the ends of the public hall and opening into rooms must be removed and ground glass or wire glass panels of an area not less than four square feet for each door substituted, or the halls may be lighted by a window at the end of the hall. This does not apply to flats where there are private halls, but only to tenement houses where the public halls communicate directly with the rooms. In addition every public hall must have directly over the stairwell a ventilating skylight with ridge ventilators and fixed louvres, the glazed surface of the skylight to be not less than twenty-five square feet in area.