A woman who knowingly resides in or commits prostitution in a house for prostitution or assignation in a tenement house, or solicits any man or boy to enter therein for purposes of prostitution is deemed a vagrant, and upon conviction shall be committed to the county jail for a term not exceeding six months. A tenement house, if used for the purpose of a house of prostitution or assignation with the permission of its owner or agent, shall be subject to a penalty of $1,000, and the penalty shall be a lien upon the house and the lot upon which the house is situated. A tenement house shall be deemed to have been used for this purpose with the permission of the owner and lessee if summary proceedings for the removal of the tenants complained of shall not have been commenced within five days after notice of such unlawful use from the Tenement House Department. In a prosecution against the owner or agent of a tenement house under section 322 of the Penal Code the general reputation of the premises in the neighborhood shall be competent evidence, but shall not be sufficient to support a judgment without corroborative evidence, and it shall be presumed that the use of the premises was with the knowledge of the owner or lessee, provided such presumption may be rebutted by evidence. Whenever the liens upon tenement property established by judgment amount to $1,000 or over, the Tenement House Department shall appoint a receiver of the rents and profits of such property.