In many large brokerage offices the younger men are left to their own resources. Most of them work on the commission basis, the usual arrangement being one-third of the total commissions received to the clerk, two-thirds to the firm by which he is employed. To a hustling man the greatest opportunity is here offered and his earning capacity is greatly increased over the salary basis. An incentive is offered on this basis for a greater effort, and in a way he has a part interest in the business.

Some men have come under my notice who have been employed on a commission basis who have earned for themselves in a year as high as $25,000. The average man, I would say, can earn from $1,000 to $5,000 on a 33 1-3 per cent commission.

If you secure a position on this basis with a reputable firm, let me warn you not to be carried away should you be fortunate enough by consummating, in the early days, a large transaction. Many a man has been spoiled through unusual success at the start; he imagines that he can keep up this record. This sometimes happens - but, when luck changes and it is not his good fortune to close another deal within a month or so, he is liable to be discouraged. Many months may follow during which he may be unable to close a transaction. Do not give up. Keep hammering and hammering away, and you are bound to win out. A customer or lessee may bob up months after you have called and tried to interest him in moving, and the result may be a commission.