Personality plays a very important part in your success. Get close to your client, whether landlord or tenant, impress him with your integrity, and let him understand that you have his interests at heart and that by making his transaction through you he is assured of the best possible deal. After you close the transaction, do not leave your customer to his own devices; call upon him and see that he is satisfied; see that the repairs he has asked for are done for him, and in every way make him a satisfied customer.

The best possible advertisement is the recommendation of a man you have already done business with and satisfied. I have often found, through some unknown reason, that I was unable to ingratiate myself with a possible tenant at the first two or three meetings, but by continued effort and by offering him something that has not been thought of by somebody else, I have been able to make him a friend. Though I may not have made a commission on the particular transaction, I have, at least, not made an enemy, and the chances are that my efforts may result in a transaction with some friend of this very man.

Do not waste too much time on people where you question their sincerity. After you have had experience, you will be able to choose the people on whom you must devote the greatest amount of energy.