Keep yourself posted in every department of the real estate business. Do not think, just because you are leasing property, that it is not necessary to be familiar with what property is selling for and the values in all neighborhoods. It sometimes happens that when you call upon a man to interest him in a lease he will ask you if you have anything to offer either in the way of a private house or in the way of a purchase. You should be ready to answer him and give him a general idea of values and what his rent would cost him in the event of his purchasing a piece of property for occupancy, instead of leasing.

Familiarize yourself with the best locations for certain lines of trade. When you have a business property in a particular location that is desirable for a certain line of business, call upon everyone in this line of business and try to interest him in the property. For instance, we will say you interest a large concern in the piano business in a piece of property in a certain location, and close a lease with them; all other concerns of a like nature should be interviewed immediately, and in all probability you will secure another customer through your original lease.