In condemnation proceedings you will often be required to testify as to the damage caused by the right of way through property such as a railroad over the property or a subway under the property or a damage caused by the raising or lowering of the grade of a street. It would be impossible to point out any specific rules governing these cases, as each one of them has to be figured in accordance with the conditions that surround them.

Condemnation proceedings are for the most part acquirements by the city for its own use, or by large corporations contemplating semi-public improvements. In appearing in these proceedings you should bear in mind that owners whose property is to be acquired will make every effort to take advantage of the necessity of the purchaser and will almost invariably endeavor to procure prices much in excess of the value. On the other hand, it should be borne in mind that the owner may suffer extraordinary damage by reason of the forced sale of his property, and a more liberal allowance should be made in these proceedings than under ordinary circumstances. If you are appearing for those condemning the property, you will find it much better to make a liberal allowance than to appear to lower the value, for the Commissioners will be aware of the hardship that it often entails in taking property without the consent of the owner. In fact, it is often taken despite his protests.