All buildings and their contents not covered by these minimum rates are given specific rates. That is, apartment and tenement houses over the specified size with or without stores, or of any size if with stores with a hazardous occupancy, and all mercantile and office buildings, manufacturing establishments, docks, piers, warehouses, etc., have separate or specific rates for each individual building. A rate is made for the building and for each occupant except in the case of dwellings and offices where one rate is made for such contents. If a broker wishes to know the rate on a building, say 900 Broadway, all that is necessary is to go to a rate cabinet. There is one located in all company and agency offices. Open the drawer labelled "Broadway" and find the card numbered "900." On it will be the rate for the building and each occupant therein. It may be interesting to know that there are about 50,000 such cards covering individual buildings. As the whole problem of rates, from the broker's point of view, is occasioned by this specific or individual rated class, we will give the minimum class no further consideration.