Robert E. Simon

Disregard of Precedent - Trend of Trade and Movements of Centers - Economic Studies - Creating Values - Vacant Land and Its Dangers - Building Financing - Acreage

The real estate operator, at one time, was a drone in the community. He was really a real estate speculator, would buy to sell at a profit, but would do nothing himself to create increased value. To-day, realty operating is a profession, and the speculative side is very unimportant.

There are as many specialists among real estate operators as there are classes of property; in addition, there are those who deal in all classes of real estate.

The essentials for successful dealing in real estate are foresight and imagination, a reputation for honesty and square dealing; a thorough knowledge of the growth and development of the city, of the requirements and peculiarities of its people, and of its various centers; and last, but not least, capital. I put capital last because, with the other requirements developed, it is very easy to get capital in a big city. There are always a large number of people with idle capital to back the opinion of an expert. Many of our most successful real estate operators of to-day made their beginning in just this way, receiving a share of the profits for investing the money of others.