G. Richard Davis

Finish - Area and Character of Buildings - Equipment - Cost - Expense and Maintenance - Income - Architectural Features - Character of Location - Suitability of Improvement

The ultimate result desired by all those seeking knowledge relating to improved real estate and building construction is to be able to value such property intelligently and properly.

There are nine points which are material in determining the value of improved property.

I. Height and area of the building.

II. Character of the building, and whether it is fireproof or non-fireproof.

III. Quality of construction, finish and equipment.

IV. Cost.

V. Running expense and expense of maintenance.

VI. Income.

*[This chapter is but a brief summary of a few of the many salient points of building construction developed by Mr. Davis in his lectures on "Practical Building for Real Estate Men and Owners." A second volume which will give in detail all points of construction that real estate brokers, appraisers and owners should know to value a building, intelligently or to criticise a building under construction, is now in course of preparation by Mr. Davis. The West Side Young Men's Christian Association will publish the book. - Editor's Note.]

VII. Architectural features, including arrangement and design.

VIII. Character of the location.

IX. Suitability of the improvement for the site.

I - Height And Area

In the chapter on Building Loans, page 212, the method of determining the ground area of a building is outlined, and the height is apparent upon inspection.

II - Character Of Building

The character of a building may be determined by the plans when filed in the department, showing whether it is fireproof or non-fireproof construction, and whether it is to be a dwelling-house, tenement, or business building, etc.

III - Quality Of Construction