The following procedure is necessary to condemn property in Guatemala:

1st. Declaration of public necessity and usefulness of the work, in general.

2nd. Declaration that all or a portion of the property whose condemnation is requested is absolutely necessary for the execution of the work.

3rd. Appraisement of the property.

4th. Previous payment of value of same. In case of war, the indemnity may not be paid in advance.

The declaration of public necessity and usefulness is made by the executive power. The owners of the property whose condemnation is deemed necessary are notified of this and are allowed three days to object. If any objection is made, the government decides the question.

After the condemnation of a certain lot is decided, the owner appoints one expert, and the authorities appoint one expert and an umpire to decide upon the value of the property. A law enacted after the general law upon this matter establishes that property can be condemned for the assessed value without appraisement.