The employment of mechanics on the premises for a longer period than 15 days making extraordinary alterations or repairs, is a violation of the conditions of the policy, and in the event of this necessity arising, a privilege should be obtained from the company.

In the event of a loss occurring, the conditions as expressed in lines 67 to 80 of the Standard Policy should be carefully complied with, the clause relating to the care of property after fire and pending the adjustment of loss being most important.

The change of ownership of the insured property and also the change of hazard in occupation should receive immediate attention.

In the cancellation of policies, the rights of assured or mortgagee should be carefully guarded, and in this connection I desire to call your attention to the fact that the Standard Mortgagee Clause makes it incumbent upon the company to continue the insurance in force in favor of the mortgagee for 10 days after the completion of a cancellation as regards the assured.