In stating the amount of damages in the proceedings the entire amount must be given, then the value of the land and then the value of the improvements. As I have said before, the expert proves his values by recent sales, and he should be careful to enumerate the most advantageous sales that have been made; for the Corporation Counsel takes the expert in hand and endeavors to tear his testimony limb from limb. He will have a list before him of all sales that have been forced through foreclosure or partition, and also where heirs have been compelled to sell their undivided interests, etc., and, in fact, he will do everything to discredit the testimony of the expert. If he has testified in any previous proceeding, the testimony given at that time will be taken up to show that he may have altered his theory since testifying before, although ten years may have elapsed and conditions all have changed. Then the expert for the City takes the witness chair and of course endeavors to prove the value of the said property, and will say the value is several thousand dollars lower than the amount the expert for the owner has already testified to, and uses as a basis the sales that the Corporation Counsel has used, and which were furnished by the City's expert. He is then cross-examined by the owner's attorney, and after arguments by both attorneys the case is closed and the Commissioners take the entire case under consideration and make their awards.