Thus far we have considered the method of fixing these insurance rates, and the question naturally arises, what can the broker do to serve his client in respect to this matter of rates? As a matter of fact, nearly all the competition between brokers is over this question of rate, and efforts to secure the lowest figure. It should be explained that the Exchange, upon the request of an assured, will furnish him with a copy of the schedule computation of his rate. This can be turned over to the broker and, he having this schedule in his possession, the Exchange will furnish him with such information as he may request. This is an exact copy of the schedule and shows all the charges that comprise the rate. The first thing to engage the broker's attention is the charge, if any, for poor housekeeping, or faults of management. A short time ago I had occasion to average the rate on fifty buildings and found the charges under these housekeeping items amounted to about 12% of the gross rate. Some brokers had been asleep. The broker should learn the reason for the charges and just what improvements are necessary to remove them.