The next step should be to secure as large credit as possible for fire appliances. Buckets give the largest return for cost. If the insurance premium is large, it is frequently profitable to install automatic alarm, stand-pipe, watchman and clock, and perhaps sprinklers. Our office has just recommended improvements which will cost not over $500, and which will reduce the rate on a large furniture factory from 2% ($20 per $1,000) to .26 ($2.60 per thousand).

If the broker is enterprising, he will suggest any changes in construction which will lower the rate, such as the correction of skylights, the protection of floor openings, the fireproofing of iron columns, cutting off of boiler room, separating sections of a plant, providing shutters on exposed windows. If he ranks among the more progressive, he carefully examines the building and all appliances and makes sure that no charge has been made in error and that credit has been given for all desirable features. The saving in rate secured by a careful scrutiny is frequently considerable. Not a great while ago we had occasion to examine a schedule for a broker and found a change in the process of handling the goods warranted the use of a different schedule form, and the rate was reduced without any action on the part of the assured from 1.55 to 1.07. Investigation of another rate showed that there had been a change in the occupancy of an exposed building and the rate was reduced from 2.31 to .67.