McDougall Hawkes

Condemnation Proceedings - Ownership in the Various Boroughs-Leases - Purchases and Sales - Land Under Water - Grants - Improvements - Management - Records

It would be impossible, in the short space of a chapter, to treat, even in the most cursory manner, the many matters connected with our water-front of which knowledge would prove of service. The subjects which have been selected are confined entirely to those of immediate practical value. Nor is it even possible to go into many of the refinements of the subjects, which must be carefully taken into account in estimating on values, and in determining the most advantageous course for clients to pursue. To any one making a specialty of water-front property, in forming opinions of values by deduction from existing and former conditions, not only will general knowledge of water-front engineering and law prove of great assistance, but special knowledge also of city finance and administration, and of the policy which the city has pursued in water-front matters in Manhattan will be of great benefit. If you should proceed to a study of city finance, you will find one of its most important divisions, the city's sinking funds (which have for some forty years borne a close relation to the development of the Manhattan water-front) very intricate; in short, the difficulty of obtaining knowledge of water-front matters is of itself evidence of their frequently highly technical character. Very careful study, before arriving at conclusions in water-front questions, cannot be too strongly urged.