This book is invaluable for any office interested in a large number of houses for rent or sale. It is intended to contain a record of all rentable properties owned by the company, or in which it has an interest through contract, mortgage, or as renting agent. It may be bound or in loose-leaf form. In either case, it should be indexed alphabetically and each page be headed with the name of a street or neighborhood in which the concern has rental property, the object being to provide a means for finding quickly all the houses on any one street and to indicate the nature of the interest involved. As it contains a complete list of all rentable properties in which the concern is interested, it forms the basis for the work of the rent department.

Form 32. Rent Record

Form 32. Rent Record.

The loose-leaf rent record or register shown in Form 32 has been in use for many years and is self-explanatory. If houses are sold on time, this fact is shown in the "Remarks" column, and when the sale is completed, reference is made to the serial number of the mortgage, contract, or option, and a red ink line is ruled through the entry.

If the number of rentable houses is large, it may be advantageous to prepare a rent register board similar to that used for recording the occupancy of rooms in a hotel. This board should be large enough to hold a card for each house on the rent register, and so constructed that a smaller card may be inserted in front of, and covering up the lower part of, the larger one.

Each of the larger cards (which may be 1 X 3 inches) bears along its upper edge the address of a house and the nominal rent thereof. These cards are arranged on the board in order of streets, of rental values, or of owners, as may be most convenient. Upon a house being rented, the date, name of tenant, and particulars as to the rent are entered on one of the smaller cards (which may be X 3 inches and of a different color from the larger cards), and this card is then placed on the board in front of the larger card in such a way as to leave exposed the address of the house. A board so arranged shows at a glance every house offered for rent, all houses that are vacant, and all houses that are rented, together with the name of the tenant and other particulars.