In those few offices in which it is possible to issue a considerable number of leases of the same general character, either of the methods outlined in Section 32 for the recording of deeds may be followed.

In most cases, however, the forms and terms of leases vary so greatly that such a record cannot profitably be kept, and it is sufficient to number consecutively all leases given, as indicated in Section 342, the original papers being filed accordingly and a simple index of all leases maintained.

In any event, whatever the nature of the property leased, it thereupon becomes rent-producing, and the lease should accordingly be entered by its serial number on the property ledger, the rent register, and the rent ledger, together with such details of the terms as may be desired. If the rent is payable at frequent intervals, as once a month, no further record is required; but if the payments fall due at longer intervals, as quarterly, semiannually, or annually, there is danger that they may be overlooked unless some tickler record is made. In such cases the rent payments may be indicated on the rent record shown in Form 32, or they may be entered on the same form as the interest receivable, but in such manner as to indicate to the bookkeeper that the entries refer to rents and not to interest.