This Agreement, made in duplicate this 12th day of February, 1906, by and between George W. Brown, the first party, and Amos Judd, the second party,, each of said parties being a resident of the City of Los Angeles, State of California.

WITNESSETH, That the said first party agrees to sell and transfer to the said second party, and the said second party agrees to purchase and take over the laundry route business of said first party, including the good will of said route, one sorrel horse, laundry wagon and harness and all paraphernalia connected therewith, for the sum of $500, to be paid as follows: $50 as a deposit and part payment, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged; $50 at the end of one week from this date, and $400 at the end of two weeks from this date, all payable to said first party in United States Gold coin; Provided, that the following conditions shall be complied with, namely:

Said first party shall take said second party over said route for two weeks from and after this date, introducing said second party to the customers of first party, and if the commissions or compensation from said business in and during said two weeks shall be equal to $25 per week, net, then said sale shall be consummated. The moneys received in said two weeks as such compensation shall be disbursed as follows: First party shall receive all of said moneys for the first week and the said party of the second part shall receive one-half, and said first party shall receive one-half, of the said moneys for the second week.

Said first party agrees not to engage in the laundry business in the City of Los Angeles, in any manner, either directly or indirectly, within the term of two years from and after this date.

Upon consummation of sale, said first party shall make a bill of sale of said goods and chattels, conveying the same to said second party, free and clear of all incumbrances, and shall warrant and defend the title thereto against the just and lawful claims of any person whomsoever.

If the above conditions as to compensation shall not be complied with, then said deposit of $50 shall be returned to said second party, and second party may also retain the one-half of the net earnings of said business for said second week, and both of the parties hereto shall thereupon be released from the obligations hereunder.

If the above conditions as to compensation are complied with and the second party shall fail to consummate the purchase, the first party may retain for himself as liquidated and stipulated damages all moneys received on account hereof.

In Witness Whereof, The parties hereto have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written.

GEORGE W. BROWN. (seal). AMOS JUDD. (seal)