One-fourth cash; balance 6, 12 and 18 months, at 7% net. Five per cent discount for cash.

IMPROVEMENTS will be made promptly and as follows: Oiled streets, Cement walks and Curbs, Water piped to each lot and shade trees planted in front of every lot.

RESTRICTIONS: Jefferson and Fourth Ave., $1500. All other lots $1250, except lots south of Edison; these latter lots $1000. No barns or temporary buildings allowed to be built until house is completed. All houses must be built 25 feet from front property line, and a number of other desirable restrictions will be included.

NEW HOUSES TO BE BUILT. Three new houses will soon be built in the first block on Jefferson street. These houses will be built by the owners of the Tract.

CERTIFICATE OF TITLE by the Title Insurance and Trust Co. will be furnished with every lot as paid for.