WE HAVE TALKED a great deal during the past four months about home building, and during that time we have convinced a great many wide-awake people that our plan of building houses is just about the proper thing.

NEVERTHELESS there are a few remaining who have not heard of us and of the thoroughly modern houses that we design and build.

It seems to us that our plan once explained would immediately appeal to you. We build for cash, after plans and specifications that you furnish, or, better still, if you will come to the office and tell us what you want, the number of rooms, etc., we will guarantee to get you out one of the nicest, neatest and best arranged plans for a house that you have seen, and we will write the specifications to meet the requirements and furnish the entire cost of the house, if you desire. And you can repay us as you see fit. We will make you a loan to be repaid in three or five years, interest to be paid every three months, or you can repay us in monthly payments, the same as you pay rent. Your payments start when the house is finished. We charge nothing for the plans and specifications.

Come in and see us and let us convince you that in Los Angeles our houses are in demand.


Contractors and Builders.

326 Douglas Building.

Sunset, Black 3991. Home, 3774