Country Property.





Is it not worth your while to make sure that you are getting the best for your money when you buy a ranch that may be your home for many years, if not for life?

Will it not be wisdom on your part to go slow until you are sure of what you are buying? Remember, it is a good deal easier to buy than to sell; be sure, then, that you buy in the right section.

NEW FRIENDS, let us tell you that we have farmed our own land for many years, we have cultivated and pruned our own orchards and harvested the crops from them; we know good land when we see it. We have been of untold assistance to thousands of homeseekers; we have saved them thousands of dollars; may we not be of equal assistance to you? Our advice costs you nothing, and certainly if any advice is worthy of consideration it is ours. It certainly ought to be - we have had the actual practical experience. We have made a success of farming and we can help others to do the same. We know from our own experience all the drawbacks with which the California farmer has to contend. We know, too, that few men can pay $250 to $500 an acre for land and make a living and interest on their money, unless it be in concentrated form. Take our advice and learn something about CENTRAL CALIFORNIA. We can give you good valley land for $50 to $100 per acre, where no irrigation is necessary, rainfall being 25 to 35 inches and CROP FAILURE UNKNOWN.

Just send 5c for illustrated literature which will show you what can be done by the farmer in this section.

Send 5c for colored map of the State. Send a stamp for free catalogue.

Let us hear from you anyhow. Correspondence does not cost much and it will result to our mutual benefit.

BURR-PADDON CO. (Incorporated.) San Francisco. California.