Los Angeles, Cal., April 25, 1906. George Brown, Esq., Agent, Los Angeles, Cal.

Dear Sir: Whereas, I have heretofore paid you the sum of $500.00 to apply on the purchase of (here describe premises) at the price of $12,000, under an option and agreement held by you from the owner, Mr. A. K. Jones, whereby he agrees to furnish an unlimited certificate of title showing same premises free and clear of incumbrances; and

Whereas, the certificate of title to said premises shows the same to be incumbered by an easement in favor of the City of Los Angeles, for a right of way for a pipe line and the right to operate same, and inquiry at the office of the Street Superintendent of said city shows that a pipe line, 30 inches in diameter, runs diagonally across said premises about 2 1/2 feet beneath the surface of the ground, and is now leased by said city to certain corporations and is now in use:

Now, therefore, because of said incumbrance and of the defect in said title, I demand that you return to me the said sum of $500.00 paid on account of said purchase.

Truly yours,