Los Angeles, Cal., May 3, 1906. Peter Smith, Esq.,

Los Angeles, Cal.

Dear Sir: In the matter of the sale to you of lots (here describe premises) Mr. A. K. Jones advises me that he has arranged with the Street Superintendent for the removal of the pipe line from the above-mentioned lots at any time upon receipt of notice from you; but inasmuch as the street department is very busy just now, the Street Superintendent desires that you defer making the request for a few days.

I hand you herewith an unlimited certificate of title issued by Union Title Company, showing said lots free and clear of incumbrances and request that you make payment forthwith of the balance of the purchase price.

I regret the tedious delay which has attended the closing of this transaction, due to an incumbrance, the existence of which was unknown to you and myself at the time of the sale, and Mr. Jones having accomplished what seemed to be an impossible task, it now remains for your good self to consummate the deal by putting up the purchase price, with said Union Title Company, Escrow No. 50,127.

Respectfully yours,