Los Angeles, Cal., April 26, 1906. To Union Title Co., City.

Gentlemen: I hand you herewith, in connection with Escrow No. 50,127, my check for $500, being the amount advanced by Mr. Peter Smith, as a deposit and part payment on Lots (here describe premises) sold to him at the price of $12,000, and in respect to the purchase of which he now declines to proceed because of a defect in the title of which he was not informed at the time of said purchase. In order to enable the owner of said premises, and myself as option-holder, to attend to the perfecting of the title to said premises, the above-mentioned sum is to be held by you in escrow for the term, of sixty days after this date. If the title to said premises is perfected within said sixty days, you are to return said sum of $500 to me; if said title is not perfected within said sixty days, you are to pay said sum to said Peter Smith.


I confirm the foregoing instructions. PETER SMITH.