Los Angeles, Cal., April 26, 1906. Peter Smith, Esq.,

Los Angeles, Cal. Dear Sir: Referring to lots (here describe premises) which I sold you, and in respect to which you demanded that the deposit paid thereon be returned to you, would state that the owner, Mr. A. K. Jones, informs me that he will proceed with due diligence and all convenient speed to clear said premises of the incumbrance to which you object, and that he will at his expense, cause said pipe line to be removed from said premises and placed in the adjoining alley and street, and that he will procure from the City of Los Angeles a quit-claim deed, quit-claiming to him the easement on said premises, and for such purposes he desires that he be allowed such reasonable time as may be necessary, not exceeding sixty days in all. I will issue my check to the Union Title Company for $500, being the amount of your deposit, to be held by said Title Company, for said sixty days, as per the accompanying instructions, which I request you to confirm. If Mr. Jones shall be able to clear said premises of said incumbrance within said sixty days, it is understood that you are thereupon to pay the balance of the purchase price, to-wit), the sum of $11,500.

Respectfully yours,