First. - To join in one association all mechanics, manufacturers and dealers of good repute, doing business in the city and county aforesaid, whose vocation connects them, wholly or generally, with the industry of building, either as an employing contractor in any branch of the building business, or as a manufacturer of, or dealer in material used and employed in the erection of buildings, or other structures.

Second - To establish and maintain among the individuals so associated, a just and equitable system of dealing, and a uniformity in commercial usages by rules and regulations; to acquire, preserve or disseminate valuable information regarding the business in which they are severally engaged.

Third. - To procure (either by lease or purchase), furnish and maintain suitable rooms for the use of its members for meeting rooms, offices, and other purposes.

Fourth. - To establish and enforce a system of arbitration for the settlement of disputes or misunderstandings which may arise between its members.

The term of existence of this Exchange is to be FIFTY years, from and after the filing of the certificate of incorporation.

No shares of stock or individual right in the property of this Ex-change shall exist or be acquired during its existence.

But the property belonging to, and in the name of "The Builders' Exchange," shall be held in trust by the Directors for this Exchange, and shall not be diverted from the purposes and intentions for which it was organized.