Any person creditably and practically engaged as an employing contractor in any trade connected with the business of building, or in manufacturing, or dealing generally in building material, is eligible to membership in this Exchange, and may be admitted as provided in the By-Laws of the Exchange.

A copartnership or corporation may become a member of the Exchange as one person, in the manner provided for the election and admission of members.

Such copartnership may be represented by any member thereof; but a corporation shall be represented only by some officer duly authorized to act for them. Neither a copartnership nor a corporation is entitled to but one vote on any question.

The fee for admission to this Exchange is Twenty-five Dollars ($25.00), until the membership reaches two hundred.

The fee will then be Fifty Dollars ($50.00), until the membership reaches four hundred, after which time it will be One Hundred Dollars ($100.00).

The dues to be paid by each member are Twenty-four Dollars ($24.00) per annum, payable semi-annually, in advance, on or before the third Monday of February and August of each year, and must be paid before the annual or semi-annual meeting, to entitle the member to vote or take part therein.