Business Property.


JEFFERSON is no longer a "coming" business street. It has ARRIVED. There are at present MORE business improvements contemplated and arranged for on JEFFERSON, between Main and Wesley avenue, than on ANY OTHER STREET IN LOS ANGELES, outside the downtown center.

On the 24th of last January, in this column of this paper, in my talk concerning "Jefferson Street," at the same time that I offered a lot on JEFFERSON, between Main and Grand, for $55 a foot, and another for $60, I made this prediction:

"I say now that eight months hence property on JEFFERSON, between Main and Grand will cost you not less than $100 a foot, and between Grand and Figueroa $75 a foot. If you don't believe this is conservative now, you will LATER."

I sold those two lots, and you can't buy either now - TWO MONTHS later - for less than $100 a foot, and they're as cheap as anything between Main and Grand. You can't buy anything NOW between Grand and Figueroa on JEFFERSON for less than $75 a foot. Don't you think I'm a PRETTY FAIR guesser when it comes to JEFFERSON street property? Don't you wish you'd bought a few dollars' worth of those twelve pieces I've sold on JEFFERSON street since February first?

But never mind that. (Some people NEVER CAN see a bargain till some one else buys it.) There are plenty of opportunities yet. The good times - the money making times - on JEFFERSON have just BEGUN. Values are increasing more rapidly in the southwest than in any other section of this town; JEFFERSON is to be paved from Main to Vermont very soon, and possibly from South Park to Western avenue; business is springing up all along this grand street; what JEFFERSON is TODAY is but the faintest echo of what it WILL BE three or four years hence, and present prices are in proportion.

I honestly believe that, at prevailing figures, there is no property in the city which offers as large a profit as JEFFERSON, between Main and Wesley. I am buying there myself. I am getting my closest friends to buy there. I am spending money to advise YOU to buy there, primarily because there's a commission in it, and secondarily - and this is more important - because I know I can give you such a satisfactory investment that you'll come after more - at least, this is the experience I've had with every client I've sold to on JEFFERSON this year. Ask them.

I have two exceedingly good things right now on JEFFERSON. One will take $2500 cash, the other $7500. If you are ready to buy right now, and not just "shopping around," I'll be glad to give you full particulars.

RALPH SULLIVAN, Tel. Home 5985. 223 W. Second St.