The object of these lessons is to give the student or reader a practical knowledge of real estate and of the real estate business. The student who will devote a definite portion of each working day to the study of the subject will make the most satisfactory progress. The student should exercise to the fullest extent the qualities of industry and perseverance; he should concentrate his mind on the subject and keep it there; he should study a few pages at a time and not skip from one portion of the lessons to another.

"HOW TO BUY AND SELL REAL ESTATE AT A PROFIT" is referred to herein as the "Text Book" or as "Vol I." In it, the Sections are numbered from 1 to 163, inclusive, and the Forms from 1 upwards. In this book, the Sections are numbered from 200 upward, and the Forms from 100 upward.

The "Final Examination Questions" are contained in a booklet comprising questions and blank spaces for answers, and suggestions as to how these answers should be made. Upon being written up, the booklet is to be returned to the author for correction, and, upon being corrected, is sent to the student, who retains it.