As successive adverse possessions of land by different persons may be tacked in order to make up the statutory period, so successive adverse users by different persons may be tacked for the same purpose,59 provided there is a privity or contractual connection between them.60 There is sufficient privity for this purpose, it would seem, when the user is exercised, for the benefit of neighboring land, by successive owners or possessors of such land, between whom there exists some legal relation other than that of disseisor and disseisee.61 One decision,62 apparently to the effect that a grantee of land cannot tack his grantor's user of neighboring land unless the conveyance to him specifically mentions such inchoate right, is based on a misapplication of authorities to the effect that there is no breach of a covenant of title by reason ot the failure of an easement supposed to be appurtenant to the land conveyed unless such easement was specfi-cally mentioned in the conveyance.

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