A tenant in fee simple of land is now practically full owner of the land.

History. - The grant of land "to A and his heirs" made A a tenant in fee simple; hut it did not make him an absolute owner of the land.

Ownership consists chiefly of three rights - (1) to enjoy, (2) to destroy, (3) to alienate the whole of the thing owned.

(1) The tenant in fee simple has always had full power to enjoy the whole of the land as he likes during his life. This right extends not only to the surface, but also to all things above and below. "Cujus est solum ejus est usque ad coelum et usque ad inferos."

(2) He never had and never can have power to destroy it, from the nature of land itself.

(3) He has now the right to alienate; but this right was only gradually acquired.