Arrangement Of Chapters XVII-XXIII

Future Estates. - The estates dealt with in the earlier part of this book have been estates in possession. The rights of a tenant in fee simple or in tail or a tenant for life have been considered on the footing that he is in actual possession of the land. It is possible, however, to grant similar estates in such a way as to postpone their commencement until some future data or the happening of some future event.

The law has always regarded future estates with some dislike, as they tend to prevent free alienation of the land, and consequently future estates can only be created within well-defined limits.

These limits are dealt with under the following heads: -

(1) The Rule against perpetuities. Chapter XVII (The Rule Against Perpetuities).

(2) The Rule as to Accumulations. Chapter XVIII (The Rule Against Accumulation).

(3) Classification of Future Estates. Chapter XIX (Classification Of Future Estates).

(4) Reversions. Chapter XX (Reversions).

(5) Vested Remainders. Chapter XXI (A Vested Remainder).

(7) Contingent Remainders. Chapter XXII (Contingent Remainders).

(7) Executory Interests. Chapter XXIII (Executory Interests. Section I. Forms Of Executory Interests).