In the year 220, a frost in Britain lasted five months

In 250, The Thames was frozen nine weekn.

291, Most rivers in Britain frozen six weeks.

359, Severe frost in Scotland for fourteen weeks.

508, The rivers in Britain frozen for two months.

558, Danube quite frozen over.

695, Thames frozen six weeks, and booths built on it.

759, Frost from Oct. 1 till Feb. 26 following.

827, Frost in England for nine weeks.

859, Carriages used on the Adriatic.

908, Most rivers in England frozen two months.

923, The Thames frozen thirteen weeks.

987, Frost lasted 130 days; begun Dec. 22.

998, Thames frozen five weeks.

1035, Severe frost on June 24: the corn and fruits destroyed.

1063, The Thames frozen fourteen weeks.

1076, Frost in England from Nov. till April.

1114, Several wooden bridges carried away by ice.

1205, Frost from Jan. 15 till March 22.

1407, Frost that lasted fifteen weeks.

1434, From Nov. 24 till Feb. 10, Thames frozen down to Gravesend.

1683, Frost for thirteen weeks.

1708-9, An extraordinary frost throughout the most parts of Europe, though scarcely felt in Scotland or Ireland.

1715, Severe frost for many weeks.

1739, One for nine weeks; begun Dec. 14.

1742, Severe frost for many weeks.

1747, Severe frost in Russia.

1754, Severe one in England.

1760, The same in Germany.

1776, The same in England.

1788, The Thames frozen below London bridge; and booths erected on it.

1795, The Zuyder Zee frozen over, and the rivers of Holland passed by the French.