Angelo, Or Angelas Politianus Poliziano, an Italian poet, born at Monte Pulciano, near Florence, in July, 1454, died in Florence in 1494. He was educated under the auspices of Lorenzo de' Medici, became tutor in his family, published Latin letters in his 13th year and Greek compositions in his 17th, and edited Catullus in his 18th. In 1480 he became professor of Greek and Latin at the lyceum of Florence. He was ill made, and squinted, but was very eloquent. He stands at the head of the classical scholars who contributed to the revival of learning, and was equally distinguished for his Latin and Italian poetry. His works comprise, besides Latin translations from Greek and many editions of classics, the Miscellanea^ a collection of notes on classic authors (Florence, 1489); Rime (1513; new ed., 2 vols., 1816 and 1819); Orfeo (best ed., Padua, 1749), the earliest represented secular drama in a modern language; and Pactianm Oonjura-tionis Commentariolum (last ed., Pisa, 1800). His collected works appeared in Basel in 1653. Oarducci has published a critical edition of his Stanze, VOrfeo e le Rime (Florence, 1864).