Benjaehn Of Tidela, a Jewish rabbi, noted in history as the first western traveller who penetrated into the remoter regions of the East, born at Tudela in Navarre, died about 1173. He made a journey from Saragossa by way of Italy, Greece, Palestine, and Persia, to the confines of China, and returned home by way of Egypt and Sicily. Many of his descriptions of places seem however to have been derived from other sources than personal travel and observation. The specific object of his journey was to acquaint himself with the state of his brethren in the East. His "Itinerary," though marred by many errors of fact, and betraying in general a lack of critical inquiry, contains a great deal of valuable information. It was first written in Hebrew, but has been published also in Latin, French, Dutch, German, and English. The first Hebrew edition was published in 1543, at Constantinople; the best is that of Asher (2 vols., London, 1841), embracing an English translation and extensive critical notes.