Birket El-Maryoot Mareotisi Arab, a lake in Lower Egypt S. E. of Alexandria, whose southern walls it once washed: length nearly 40 m.. breadth 15 m., depth from 4 to 14 ft. It is separated from the Mediterranean on the west by the narrow neck of land on which Alexandria is situated. In former times its eonnec-tion by canal with the Rosetta branch of the Nile, and with the sea at Port Eunostu, the old harbor of Alexandria, made it available for inland navigation, and its shores were covered with vineyards and irardens. With the decay of Alexandria the canal was neglected, and the lake, ceasing to receive the Nile waters, gradually dried up. In 1801 the British, then be-sieging the French in Alexandria, cut the narrow isthmus separating the lakes of Mareotis; and Aboukir and the sea water flowing in tilled the bed of the lake. Mehemet Ali reestablished the isthmus by tilling up the channel cut by the British, and restored the canal connecting with the Rnsetta branch of the Nile at Fua.