Pierre de Ruel marquis de Beurnonville, a French soldier, born at Champignolle, May 10, 1752, died April 23, 1821. After serving for some time in India, he became in 1792 aide-de-camp to Marshal Luckner, and was soon after named general-in-chief of the army of the Moselle, and in 1793 minister of war. Sent by the convention to arrest Dumouriez, he was himself arrested by that general, delivered over to the prince of Coburg. and kept in Austrian fortresses till 1795). He afterward became successively general-in-chief of the army of the north, inspector general of infantry, ambae dor to Berlin in 1800 and to Madrid in 1802, senator in 1805, and count in 1809. Having voted for the deposition of Napoleon in 1814, he was made by Louis XVIII. minister of st and peer of France, marshal in 1810, and marquis in 1817. Dying childless, he bequeathed his dignities to his nephew, Etienne Martin. who served in the campaigns of 1809-'13, and in 1823 was aide-de-camp of the duke of An-gouleme in the Spanish war, and retired from service in 1832.